Image of the Theotokos

I am always glad when Kathryn writes another sonnet. Here is the latest from her stay at the seminary:

In rare and porcelain fragility
The flick’ring votive light illumines flesh
And features of serene stability
Within a childlike paleness, pure and fresh.

The brow reveals no fretful animation,
Unclouded and unlined as glass it bends
Upon the child in solemn adoration
And timeless honor of the life she tends.

By candle’s glow the hands are pale and slender,
Not hands of homely toil and calloused palm
But motionless, the fingers poised in tender
Gesture of a sweet and holy calm.

Yet in those graceful arms what strength is curled
To bear the weight of him that bore the world?

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One Comment on “Image of the Theotokos”

  1. russellboyle Says:

    Lovely meter and rhyme

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