is the old ode
to the mediocre
sung anew
in board rooms and rec rooms.
Even that old loser, Zeus,
wasn’t taken in
this easily.
Or Samson,
cozied up to
and clipped,
would not
so easily
have succumbed
to the net.
Now eyes gouged
we push bigger wheels
in longer paths
while mocking dagons
throw peanut shells
and laugh.
Our hair grows.

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6 Comments on “Samsonites”

  1. granbee Says:

    Flattery does indeed rule in far too many boardrooms and family rooms! We just keep pushing those wheels uphill so very blinded by a few syrupy words, don’t we?

  2. Eric Alagan Says:

    Flattery, the fuel of vanity

  3. A deep insight into human nature, subtly served up in a well-crafted poem. I enjoyed reading this.

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