One TV Evangelist

It is not what you think it might be.
It’s a cover up,
though the blood and the pain are as real
as a notary’s seal can make them.
Sounds were uttered to blanket the blanks
so there were no gaps between words
and the ear was enticed to hear
what was not there.
It’s a smooth smooth speech.
It’s a special.
It’s a fistful of verbiage pounded into a pulpit
by a ravenous dog of a liar.
He calls it good news
but no paper would print this,
no clown would do tricks or put on a happy face for this.
He calls it good and he smiles
but what he really wants to do
is eat you handily
raw and alive.

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11 Comments on “One TV Evangelist”

  1. I had better forestall some natural reaction and make a sort of apology now. This poem is not inspired by any particular event or person, and I’m not having a bad day or anything. I suppose if it has a source it is the passage in which Jesus sent us out as sheep in the midst of wolves. The wolves are getting fiercer I think.

  2. dantrewear Says:

    No need for any sort of apology from my point of view. It would be tragic if no-one noticed or spoke about this stuff. We all talk crap about God, sure, but we don’t have to make a living from it…
    bring it on, –D

  3. This is powerful. The wolves are indeed getting fiercer and they are wearing sheep’s clothing.

  4. Simone Says:

    It’s great to be reading your work again, Carroll. I’m glad that I read your comment after reading this because initially I felt this poem rendered a distinct sense of bitterness, but can now see it as more of a kind of dire urgency. Your Scriptural reference certainly gave this poem an added perspective. It seems to be a call to awareness, alertness or perception, as spiritual people. I think the Bible emphatically speaks on this principle of the significance of discernment.

    • Thank you so much for your comment Simone. It is great to hear from you. I visit your website every day to be sure to miss nothing and I am looking forward to any and every post you might make in the future.
      Sometimes these days I feel surrounded by wolves. They never attack but they follow me with their eyes. I wish I could think of more powerful ways to warn people about them. Thank you again for your comment and all the encouragement you have been.

      • Simone Says:

        Thanks much, Carroll. I’m going to have plenty more time nowadays to read more of your work and am looking forward to it. Do you feel a sense of needing to be urgent, if you will, when you write? I ask because your work, at heart, feels advisory.

  5. Eric Alagan Says:

    There are wolves only because many of us tend to be sheep…

  6. havepenwillscribble Says:

    Once I napped on a day bed so my step dad’s caretaker could leave the house for an early class. My Pop, who suffered extreme pain the last years of his life, had the volume of his television set high to a fast talking preacher selling the key to unlocking the secrets of the apocalypse.

    It was an extremely nightmarish nap, as you might imagine.

    I remind myself well, he has to make a living too, and at least his work is something he can, well, sink his teeth into.

    I like the fast talking Jesus salesmen, and the lambs, and have come to imagine the entire lot of us are being ushered around like sheep following the prod of the Shepherd, including the wolves; go this way, go that.

    My fantasy is that G-D will Shepherd us all back to health.

    Just to let you know, Carroll, I am back on Word, and am pleased that you requested access to my site.

  7. I think it is more than a fantasy that the Shepherd will take us all back to health. It is hope. But the wolves still bite, and some of the sheep still die bloody and painfully.
    Thanks for access to your site. I am not sure I deserve it, but I am looking forward to it.

    • havepenwillscribble Says:

      If you have not ever read Flannery O’Connor you should. She wrote about fast talking preachers and smiles that bite.

      Yes, restoration is more than a fantasy but you’re right, there are things out there that bite, and those bites are difficult to fend.

      • Yes, Flannery O’Connor is one of my favorite authors. I read her just out of college. Wise Blood was so powerful in its effect on me that I read everything else she wrote, though it has been a long time now. It affected me so strongly I am not sure I could read it again. I used to live near her home (50 miles or so), when I was in high school, though I had not heard of her then.

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