The Fire

The Fire Flinger flung tongues,
kindled soon soon the west world’s kindling,
candesced huge and orange in summer’s heat,
made outrageous bon-flames.

The Fire Fighter fought burning flicks,
construction long long deconstructed,
incendiary tongues lapping vain memories
of extinguisher’s extinction.

The Fire Finder found cinders,
the camp long long decamped,
the smoldering wreckage reckoned a write off
by those who knew.

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One Comment on “The Fire”

  1. dantrewear Says:

    Hi Carroll – this is very arresting! Gave me a connection I hadn’t thought of before, of how close pentecost and apocalypse might be…
    …anyway in case you don’t re-check your words of encouragement over at my place, can I email you off-line? Gotta ‘fess up about something.

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