Cynicism lol

Laugh out loud
and if you do
you’ll give the crowd
a laugh or two.

When stand up comics
throw a fit
I wish they’d do
without the wit.

The monkeys see
but what they don’t
is understand
the symmetry.

The wisdom of
the worldly man
is stored inside
a moving van.

It never gets
unpacked because
the driver never
thinks to pause.

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2 Comments on “Cynicism lol”

  1. Vivian Says:

    I like it!! So little of what you do is blatently cynical, but you have a real gift of getting right to the heart of it. Someday I hope to hold in my hand a book of your poetry.

  2. dantrewear Says:

    Hi Carroll
    liked this and the previous one (‘Lampshade’ – great ideas) but I’ll comment here… (yep, still around, but preoccupied, the opposite of procrastination, work gets in the way)
    peace, Dan

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