Hide me, grasshopper said,
and folded his wings back where they go.
I want to slide through winter,
not into it.
That is your woe.

I cannot hide you.
Winter comes in my home
as well as yours.
You must look for another
to be brother to you.

His grief shines
from ten thousand eyes at once,
like all the eyes
of my whole race together.
We cry the same.

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2 Comments on “Grasshopper”

  1. I have been enjoying reading your interesting and thought-provoking poetry. ‘His grief shines from ten thousand eyes at once’ is a very powerful line. As is the final line here.

    Your poem about the TV evangelist is very striking – your anger is controlled but woven through it. It also contains some very powerful lines. (We do not have TV evangelists, which made your heartfelt poem particularly interesting to me.)I look forward to reading more.

  2. Thank you. You are very kind and it pleases me that a person of your writing ability would like anything that I’ve done. I tend to be very abstract (abstract does not exclude emotion) and I am afraid sometimes that I lose people. You are reassuring.

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