– and eyes are glass without substance,
but they see;
and lips are wax without meaning,
but they call.
But they call.

Substance being real,
and real being a suspiciously phony deal,
I try to watch the dealer,
but I just can’t seem to see through the glass.
And meaning being wax,
it has a suspiciously phony seal.

But if glass is really glass
(as I think so),
and if glass is hard and crackable
(as I believe so),
then my eyes are hard and intractable
(as I suspect so).

If meaning’s being’s real,
there is more to wax than just the seal;
there is something worthwhile,
to feel.
And substance being real,
and real being a suspiciously phony deal,
I look out for a healer.

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2 Comments on “Deal”

  1. Beautiful writing. You have a wonderful perspective that’s very refreshing when it comes to depression. Not an easy topic to write about. I hope others find it as useful as I have.


    • Thank you, David. I personally have had depression as a frequent companion, though not so severe as many people I know. It would be a comfort to me if anyone finds the poem helpful with depression. I think depression can be meaningful as a spiritual discipline, if we have the grace to do it.

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