Walking in the Rain

If the sky were an umbrella
and the stars had to bunch over to the side like paparazzi just
to see us,
we’d wave and keep on walking.
We’re going to the other side,
rain or shine, wind or no.
Let the storm rip it from our grip
or tie it up inside out;
let the rain restrain us.
We have another side to get to.

If the sky were an umbrella
the sun would throw our shadows in the mud and drag them backward
as we walked.
The storm might smite with sharp rebuke
to shatter our resolve or our reserve,
but we would not toe the line.
Our shadows wash down the drain
and every treelet and leaflet and sprig
goes down with them in the flood
while we walk away alone.

If the sky were an umbrella
and those clouds threatened with a sharp right hook
to the chin,
they wouldn’t have us to contend with.
The sky’s the contender in this one.
I’d like to see even one shadow stand its ground
with the sky around.
We’ll walk to the ropes, swing a leg over,
scowl back at the angry crowd,
and walk down that middle aisle alone.

If the world were clear and skyless
we would not understand where the rain came from.

If the sky were an umbrella
the only way we could see if our courage failed would be by who does what walking where.
Our shadows are going out.
Their footfalls clatter on the carpet.
They are going out rain or shine, umbrella or no,
and they are not taking us along.
I think we should let them go.

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One Comment on “Walking in the Rain”

  1. Vivian Says:

    What wonderful images! I like the playful, whimsical language while dealing with serious ideas.

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