Sonnet for a Silent Retreat

In solitude we are the least alone
In silence have our ears the greatest treasure;
Vibration stilled, we hear the truer tone
More truly know Creation’s time and measure.

For in the press of dialogue and touch
Disjoint conjunctions slung aloft by breath
And slender nuance their unsteady crutch
Clasp hands with fingers frail and chill as death.

No wonder man, an island of his own
Recoils into a carapace of skin
And teeth and hair and hard and breathless bone
While, deaf to all, he hovers deep within.

Until, alone, the Maker’s silence thunders:
No more alone, we are at one with wonders.

  • –Kathryn Boswell

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    One Comment on “Sonnet for a Silent Retreat”

    1. Vivian Says:

      Kathryn, this is beautiful and it touches a place where i am right now – I am looking for a time for a quiet time and place for a silent retreat in all the current “noise”. Pray that I will hear the silent thunder of God’s love.

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