Dead Letters

A letter with no address
is a dead letter.
It cannot be opened
because it is someone’s
and may contain a ghost we’ve no business to see,
best left enveloped.

A man with no address
is a string of dead letters
arranged like little headstones
lined up on the streets he walked,
marking his ex-names,
his exits,
his existence.
They may be closed and sealed.
They may be stamped
and the stamps may be cancelled.
But they may be ghosts
it’s our business to see:
someones who would be better enveloped.

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2 Comments on “Dead Letters”

  1. Vivian Shuri Says:

    Nice work! Carry on. Do you have any of your old stuff that you wrote in college? Would you conider posting some of it? I remember it as being amazing, mind-blowing and powerful.

    • Carroll Boswell Says:

      Thank you. I have posted two of my poems from college, Listlessness and Middle Name both came from those years, and I do have some more I will post by and bye. I appreciate you remember them so positively and I hope they don’t disappoint you when you see them again. If fact, I wonder if you might recognize them when I post them. My style seems to me to have changed over the decades, but I am not sure that really has. I would be interested in your comments.

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