And yet,
synchronistically speaking,
I was late,
synchronisticity not being a forte of mine
or yours.
We just miss meshing by just so much –
a hair’s breadth,
a blink of a digital eye,
a clank of an imaginary gear in the invisible clock,
a squeal of cosmic breaks on the space-time tarp –
synchronizing every possible interruption into one single stop,
making just the pause we need
to touch.

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One Comment on “Antisynchronizationism”

  1. Simone Says:

    Carroll, thanks for sharing. This poem brings to mind the issue of human isolation or alienation. We live in a culture that dismisses the importance of meaningful relationships, or significant contact with one another. I’m still trying to digest “synchronizing every possible interruption” – that’s a unique idea. Synchronization, in this poem, seems almost to stand as an inhibition more so than a method of connection. The word, alone, sounds associative with the impersonal.

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