What’s so hard to explain?
That excuse was so lame
it couldn’t be used for a crutch.
We’re hobbling along on a pretence,
on a wish to be wishing,
on a will which wills to be willing
We are cripples
whose only illusion
is that we are under illusions.
Sometimes the truth is what it seems
and must be encountered.

Thinking of directions
means thinking of destinations,
means thinking of restitutions
and resolutions
and substitutions
and new solutions,
means thinking of some kind of progress
albeit lame.

We had better get a better crutch.

I want to arrive.
I just can’t seem to proceed.

Thinking of directions
always leaves me puzzled.

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One Comment on “Directions”

  1. Eric Alagan Says:

    Perhaps we should simply follow our feet….

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