The Seeing Eye

Even if I were blind
I could see you.
You make an imprint on my soul,
a mark I wear behind my eyes
in the place where I see.
Even if I were blind
I could see the things you show me:
spring masquerading in popcorn sheep;
summer boiling bees in its honey cauldron;
autumn editing pages from its old manuscript;
winter curling in its blanketful of sleep.
Even though I am blind
I can see what’s important
if you show me.

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2 Comments on “The Seeing Eye”

  1. Simone Says:

    Carroll, this line stands out to me:
    “autumn editing pages from its old manuscript;”

    –I like your phrasing there, and the connotations of autumn that moment reveals.

    What’s really interesting in this poem is the speaker’s repeated admission of his sight being contingent on external guidance, and so I wonder about the source of his direction. His guide seems to be metaphysical, especially considering the absoluteness expressed in the title.

    Also, the poem initially indicates the speaker conditionally “could” see, and then later indicates the speaker conditionally “can” see. The movement that seems to transpire from prospect to possibility presents an interesting dynamic to the poem.

  2. Carroll Boswell Says:

    I wrote the poem with Kathryn in mind, but I think there is automatically a metaphysical element in anything that is romantic. It is built in to romance that it embodies something transcendental. Thank you for your insight.

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