It’s not the old gods, this noise.
It’s no incarnation of my fears, no.
It’s a comfort on a still day,
on a day of restless heat hinting rain,
when time seems to glide toward the earth
and hover.
It’s the defiance in it,
a pagan shouting
some tragic oath.
It’s the bars
that keep the big hawk
from diving
on the living.
It’s the stolid hope
of having one more day.
It’s the gall
to look back into unblinkingness
right above my head.

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2 Comments on “Thunder”

  1. Simone Says:

    Carroll, I don’t like choosing favorites, but this poem, thus far, has got to be my, well, okay, my favorite one. I love poetry that does not just paint natural phenomenon, but interprets it. I love the way you open the poem; it made me immediately want to enter the poem even more, watch this signification of thunder. “A pagan shouting” is a great description. The ending is strong as well. Good, good work. I wrote a poem some time ago called “The thunder” that’s in my book; maybe one day I’ll post it.

    • Carroll Boswell Says:

      Having favorites is inevitable, for better or worse. My own favorite of my poems is “Crows That Speak”, the very first poem I posted here, but whether anyone else would agree with that judgment is doubtful. I would certainly love to read your poetry.
      I think I will try to come up with a list of my ten favorite poems. At the least it will show how narrow my poetical education is, but perhaps it will lead other people to read someone they might otherwise not have read. If you compile such a list, post it and I for one will follow it through.

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