Early Spring

This year spring moved in too quickly,
lurching from frost to flower
in a mere hour and a half.
The seasons had to squeeze
just to get in the year,
like time was on some ration list
and got scraped butter thin
over too many sheets of calendar.
The warm blanket of snow
was gone before you’d know it.
The brown earth, fending for itself,
had to spend some effort in recovery,
had to send up a temporary pretense of green
to cover its embarrassment at being caught undressed.
The flowers I picked for you
are just colonists from a time to come,
advance scouts of summer-to-be,
like you and I, out digging in the rain,
ahead of the times,
stuffing a little eternity into cold mud,
flashing a bit of gold to show what comes next.

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2 Comments on “Early Spring”

  1. Simone Says:

    Nice poem, Carroll! I like the nature imagery, and have to say I am inclined to imagery that draws from the natural world in a way that informs observation and contemplation. This poem gives a feeling of something approaching, with that something not being overtly named. I guess, then, what that would be is the future, but I feel that, in this poem, it is something more significant than that.

    This is my favorite part:

    “The brown earth, fending for itself,
    had to spend some effort in recovery,
    had to send up a temporary pretense of green”

    –The idea of the earth fending for itself provides another dimension to the poem; but I just like the idea, alone.

    I also really like the ending of your poem. I think this is where the poem is wonderfully consummated and has its most rewarding metaphoric activity. Thanks for sharing this one,

    • Carroll Boswell Says:

      Thank you. Your comments make me understand my own poem better. Seriously. I would like to be that good a critic myself, but usually I can’t verbalize what I am thinking.

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